Book Review of The Endearment

The Endearment
The Endearment
Author: LaVyrle Spencer
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
fibrogal avatar reviewed Wonderful story of a mail-order bride on + 180 more book reviews

This is a wonderful story of love that grows despite the barriers of a cross-cultural marriage, of a marriage of strangers, of dealing with the rigors of frontier life, different backgrounds, and differences of value systems.

The characters became people to me...people with foibles, guilts, passions, and joys. Anna is defined at the beginning of the book by her all-consuming love for her brother, and her brother would do anything for her, as well. Karl is a man in love with the land, but lost without the comforts of people for company and homesick for his native Sweden.

The mail-order bride story has become almost a cliché--but this story is no cliché, it is a tale that could have happened.