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Book Review of The Teeth of the Tiger (Jack Ryan, Bk 12)

The Teeth of the Tiger (Jack Ryan, Bk 12)
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A man named Mohammed sits in a cafe in Vienna, about to propose a deal to a Colombian. What if they combined his net-work of Middle East agents and sympathizers with the Colombian's drug network in America? The potential for profits would be enormous and the potential for destruction unimaginable.

A young man in suburban Maryland, who has grown up around intrigue, is about to put his skills to the test. Taught the ways of the world firsthand by agents, statesmen, analysts, Secret Servicemen, and black-ops specialists, he crosses the radar of "The Campus" - a secret organization set up to identify local terrorist threats and deal with them by any means necessary.

Incredibly addictive . . . 400-odd tightly-woven, adrenaline-fueled pages of intelligence interception, 6 a.m. fitness training, shooting, and hard men. Such fun!

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