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Book Review of The Engines of God (Engines of God, Bk 1)

The Engines of God (Engines of God, Bk 1)
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SF adventure - alien races, long-lost civilizations, and big dumb objects. Hutch is a likable character although we don't get to know her that well, but then characterization is not McDevitt's strong suit. In this book the star is archaeology on other planets, tracking down the clues that lead them to solving the mystery - only to find a bigger mystery at the end. The part where they were on Quraqua and the archaeologists wouldn't leave was excellent. And I liked the ratio of action in the book although it did seem like they were in one too many life-or-death situations. I can't help wondering how there could be SO MANY of the predators on that last world - what were they all eating when they couldn't get people? A nice start to a series but if you don't want to continue, you still have a nice self-contained adventure.