Book Review of Patriot Games

Patriot Games
Patriot Games
Author: Tom Clancy
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Audio Cassette
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Abridged Edition

You probably already know about Clancy's main character - Jack Ryan -well this is where it all began!

This book is full of action, thrilling events and articulate language (you don't have to check your "Webster" to figure out what something means). The story is about an ordinary man - Jack Ryan, who accidently foils a terrorist plot to kidnap Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and their infant (at the time of the story) son Prince William.

In the world of fiction, everyone is flawless, marriages are forever, children are wonderful, wives are always beautiful. Well that's the way it is in this book! I found that a little annoying at times, but that's just me. Another thing that took me back a little was the language Clancy uses in his novels - a little raw at times (if you know what I mean). The only reason I even mention it is that it may be offensive to some who aren't expecting it.

Overall, this was an exciting foray into the world of Intelligence Agents, CIA, FBI, terrorists and various other bad guys. It's an incredible, believable story, and one I would recommend you take a listen to.

Wiley Coyote