Book Review of Impact (Wyman Ford, Bk 3) (Audio CD) (Unabridged)

Impact (Wyman Ford, Bk 3) (Audio CD) (Unabridged)
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Impact is the 3rd book in Douglas Preston's Wyman Ford series. Preston has managed to find a way to balance several genres with this series mostly thriller, but with a touch of science fiction and a bit of mystery and it works.

In Impact, Ford is sent by the President's science advisor to investigate a meteor strike in Cambodia. Meanwhile, a college drop-out and her friend are looking for a meteorite that they believe struck an island off the coast of Maine. Is there a connection? Of course. And, in California, scientists appear to uncovered something unusual with the Mars Rover project, but management does not want to hear about it why?

I thought that Impact has been the best book in the series to date certainly the one that managed to grab me by the throat and hang on tightest and longest. However, I did get somewhat annoyed at the author's habit of tossing out subplots that appear to dead-end with a tenuous (at best) connection to the main plot. I found it more palatable when I looked at this novel as a collection of interlocking short stories with shared characters, all centered around a main theme which resolves itself in the last story.

Oh, and the epilog provides a nice wrap-up, and a moral / message that hides between the lines.

AND Scott Sowers' interpretation on the audiobook version of this novel was superb! His voice was calm and collected when appropriate, rapid and excited when some sort of action was occurring, and in general, an excellent example of what an audiobook narrator should provide.

RATING: After a little internal debate, 5 stars. This one is going to stick with me for awhile.