Book Review of Cemetery Dance (Pendergast, Bk 9)

Cemetery Dance (Pendergast, Bk 9)
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This was certainly an exciting book - and what a shocking beginning! To think that one of the central characters of so many of the previous books is killed in the very first chapter! Not to mention the lack of follow-up after the situation left hanging in the end of _The Wheel of Darkness_... well, there was brief mention about a hundred pages from the end but it was not quite what I expected it to be! I am very curious about where this series is headed and how much longer it will go on if they are killing off main characters like this! The ending was quite mysterious as well, so I hope they release information about the next book soon! The plot of this one was not as shocking as some of their other books, and in many ways the Ville bore striking similarities to the lost tribe of _The Relic_...