Book Review of Demonwood (Candlelight Intrigue, No 523)

Demonwood (Candlelight Intrigue, No 523)
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Mary Gallagher is ready for a change of scenery. Hearing that her cousin's son needs a governess, Mary appeals to Connell Fitzgerald to hire her. When Connell meets Mary, he is afraid she is cut from the same cloth as his wife, Maeve. But Mary impresses him at the interview and he sends her to live with his son, Daniel, in northern Vermont at his estate called Demonwood. Mary is soon second guessing her decision when she finds the house is haunted, the servants hate her, and there are rumors that Connell killed his first wife and threw her off a cliff.

This book started out like the old-fashioned gothic novels I used to read in high school. There was Mary's jealous cousin, Maeve. Maeve's mysterious husband, Connell. Connell's spinster sister, Lillian, and handsome neighbor Peter who enjoys telling stories about the family. The only person who was half-way normal was the child, Daniel. It was enjoying the story until it turned into the usual 80's romance with an older hero and a young naive heroine who fall in love at the first meeting. Big misunderstandings and a near-rape by the hero made me lose interest very quickly. My rating: 2 Stars.