Book Review of Tie Dyed and Dead (Stain Busting, Bk 6)

Tie Dyed and Dead (Stain Busting, Bk 6)
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I was in the bookstore and needed some "Fluff" to read. I kinda was in a hurry and could not find book 1 of this series. So i grabbed book 6. It was such a cute read, and really not all that "fluffy", there was some substance to this read. I found myself chuckling in places and laughing out loud in others. Since i had not read this is order and i did enjoy it i guess you don't really have to read them in order, but i think i might just go back and hunt for the rest now. This was down home fun with the laundromat, nail salon, resturant and the hair dresser all close together, then came the sheriff and the news reporter, all made for a comfy read.