Book Review of Small Favor (Dresden Files, Bk 10)

Small Favor (Dresden Files, Bk 10)
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Helpful Score: 4

This is Book 10 of the Dresden Files.

There was a lot going on in this book. Mab called in her second marker on Harry, and he was obligated to fulfill her request. The problem is that it put Harry in the middle of yet another conflict between the Winter Court, the Summer Court, the Order of the Blackened Denarius, and possibly the Black Council. As if that weren't enough, Harry also finds himself under suspicion by the people that he trusts the most, people who should also trust him in return.

This is a messy book in that there is a lot of direct conflict and fighting, both hand-to-hand and within relationships. I will admit that some of the plot lines got a little fuzzy in the middle. Explanations were provided eventually but I think they could have been more clear. Perhaps I was reading too fast to catch all of the small details. It was all I could do to keep from skimming in order to see what came next.

The series continues to gradually reveal more insight into Harry's ever-growing, enigmatic relationship with Murphy, as well as the bond that runs deeply between Harry and Thomas that both of them recognize but never talk about.

The end of the book provides a lot of information that deals with Lasciel's shadow, the Knights of the Cross, archangels, the Archive, and...Harry goes on a date. In spite of some of the confusion in the middle, this turned out to be another great book.