Book Review of The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner
The Kite Runner
Author: Khaled Hosseini
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Paperback
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A review from the internet:
I was intrigued by this book because of the premise. I didn't really know much about Afghanistan and I felt like reading a good piece of fiction. It's certainly gotten great praise from critics and my whole family loves it so I thought I'd give it a try. While perhaps I didn't learn as much as I thought, I definitely found a good piece of fiction.

Mr. Hosseini has a very easily read style. His sentences and wording are simple and flow quite well, and he writes Amir's character as if he were Amir himself. In fact, I wondered throughout the book how much of Amir's story was really his. Because of this style I was hooked instantly, hardly able to put the book down and the tragedy that unfolds only makes the page turning more addicting.

While I may not have learned many facts about Afghanistan besides the names of its leaders and its various occupations, I have a great appreciation for how its people lived in these times. The author does a great job of depicting a nation whole with stable traditions going to a broken nation living in constant fear. It makes for a melancholy yet riveting reading experience.

The overall story of this book is a bit far fetched with a good amount of cliché. I don't want to spoil anything with specifics, but we have many familiar themes to drama such as childhood tormenters, dying family members, sterile wives and many more. Yet, the amount of heart in the story overshadows the conventional. The story of Amir and Hassan as friends and brothers is the soul and heart of The Kite Runner. The loyalty in their friendship is more powerful than the terror and tragedy that surrounds them and that is the focus of this book, I think.

By the end, I was left saddened by this book and yet wanting more. While it wasn't a revolutionary read, it offers some good insight into Afghanistan and some entertaining fictional drama. Kite Runner is a good read for anyone and I will look forward to reading more from Mr. Hosseini.