Book Review of The Deadly Dance (Agatha Raisin, Bk 15)

The Deadly Dance (Agatha Raisin, Bk 15)
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This is my favorite Agatha Raisin so far. In it she begins to see herself as others see her ... sometimes. She is starting to recognize some of her less attractive traits & when she thinks of it, even correct them. The "new" Agatha is as feisty, cranky & rude as ever ... but a little more likeable. Don't worry though, she doesn't change so much we can't still love her & laugh at her exploits.

Opening a detective agency gives her a whole new range of cases to work on. Most are lost dogs & divorces, but you know Agatha ... if she's on the case, murder will creep in. In this book a deadly threat is acted upon & Agatha is there to save the day. There are all the elements we love, opinionated obstructive cops, Agatha's insecurities & cunning, dear Mrs. Bloxby & other friends, and new characters that definately spice things up. Plus plenty of twists & turns ... and a new love? You just never know.

If you like Agatha, I think you will enjoy this book.