Book Review of Her Alpha Male

Her Alpha Male
Her Alpha Male
Author: Lillith Payne
Genres: Literature & Fiction, Romance
Book Type: Paperback

OK I am going to B**** a little here....The story its self is not bad but the proofreading and editing left a lot to be desired. Lots of words were just flat left out for the sentences to make any sense and in the first half of the book it felt as if whole sentences / paragraphs are missing. It is hard to tell what is fantasy, flashbacks, dreamed happened and really going on in this time frame. To me it is too distracting to read a story when I have to try to fill in the blanks with what I think the author is trying to say.

On the plus side tho...It is a cute story and she does do a good job of expressing her characters so by the end you feel like you know them and care what happens in a short amount of pages. (story is only 130 pages)

In the end I think I will keep an open mind and try another of her books and hope all the errors in this one are a fluke.