Book Review of 1984

Author: George Orwell
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 2

I have no legitimate excuse to justify the fact that it's taken me 30 years to read this book. Perhaps I could blame it on the small town, backwoods high school I went to for the fact that they did not cover it within their curriculum? Or perhaps I can blame myself for going to a technical college where I spent the vast majority of the time studying the language of operating systems (which are now obsolete mind you) rather than cracking open a few classics for a required English Literature course at a "normal" school?

Regardless of where the blame is placed I finally decided that it was time to take the plunge and I'm glad that I did. I won't even attempt to write a proper review of a classic novel like this as I'll most likely just end up regurgitating what has already been said in countless other reviews over the years. In a nutshell (and a very tiny one at that) what I found most amazing about this book is that while it was written way back in 1949 it is incredibly pertinent to the world we live in today...which makes it all the more frightening.

That's all I got. So stop being a prole and read the damn book already. PaperBack Swap is watching you.