Book Review of Hard to Handle (SBC Fighters, Bk 3)

Hard to Handle (SBC Fighters, Bk 3)
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'Hard to Handle' is not really any better or any worse than the others in the SBC Fighters series, just not really riveting. The main plot revolves around Harley Handleman and Stasia, his "life coach" and his issues and various attempts on her life. There's also a secondary romantic plot for Barber, Dakota's musician friend from the previous book, and his new lead singer. All of them end up in Harmony, and there's plenty of interaction with characters from the other titles in the series.

I don't want to say that Lori Foster's most recent books are getting worse and worse, but they're definitely not keeping my interest. She used to have really fun and distinctive characters/plots, but lately all the heroes and heroines are running together (partly because they all keep showing up in books together) and the writing style and dialogue seems almost amateurish. I've been skimming more than really reading them.