Book Review of Real Men Last All Night: Cooper's Fall / Luring Lucy / The Edge of Sin / Wanted: A Real Man

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The problem I have about anthologies are that there are usually very little character development since it's so short. This is the case with these four stories but it was an okay read.

"Cooper's Fall" by Lora Leigh: Best story out of the bunch with interesting characters and kind of sweet storyline. It takes its time and with some hot steamy bedroom scenes. Great connection between Ethan and Sarah.

"Luring Lucy" by Lori Foster: This is a reprint and I found it a little boring. A lot of dirty talk and for some reason the serious discussions didn't bring Lucy and Bram closer. Not sure what's missing in the story. Just not put together well. It seemed like Foster just wrote a bunch of sex scenes and then tried to fit the story around them.

"The Edge of Sin" by Cheyenne McCray: Wish this one had more time to develop into a full story. Love the bathroom scene but the tale was just too short. The turnaround for Zane was too fast.

"Wanted: A Real Man" by Heidi Betts: This was the only author I haven't read before. I just didn't buy how forgiving Linc was after several bouts of good sex. What Claire did was pretty unforgiveable. Plus I guess Linc had a big enough ego not to question whether Claire was just using him since she didn't think about seeing him again until she was at the end of her rope. On top of that everything was too easy. Why would Clarie's ex go through all the trouble to keep the daughter only to give her up without a fight?

Not horrible but not the best anthology out there.