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Book Review of Testing Miss Toogood (Elliot Brothers, Bk 2)

Testing Miss Toogood (Elliot Brothers, Bk 2)
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Dominic Elliot and his brother, Nathan, are trying to rid Regency-era London of a vile predator who calls himself the Silken Cat. He kidnaps young women, holds them overnight for ransom, promising to release them with virtue intact. When a maid is abducted in place of her mistress and her employers dismiss her, Dominic convinces his mother to hire her at the family manse. In order to make the deal work, Dominic agrees to take Fleur Toogood, the impoverished daughter of a country vicar, under his wing and find her a suitable husband. An independent young woman with high standards and a penchant for solving problems, Fleur spies on Dominic (who is finding no man worthy of her) and puts herself in the path of danger. Although entertaining enough, this historical lacks the steamy heat that Cameron brings into her popular contemporary suspense novels.

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