Book Review of Texas Love Song

Texas Love Song
Texas Love Song
Author: Jodi Thomas
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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This is another beautifully told story by Jodi Thomas! The Civil War and its aftermath seem to be rich pickings for interesting subject matter.

In this case, a Galvanized Yankee (a Confederate soldier who changes to the Union side during the war) is under scrutiny. Thomas explains why a warrior would change sides during the five years of war. She also does a great job of showing how despised those soldiers were by each side even years after the conflict ended.

Sloan Alexander is the Galvanized Yankee and he is being beaten to death in the opening pages. The person who stops the beatings and gets medical care for him is the Confederate heroine McCall Harrison. Not only was she married to a celebrated dead Confederate leader, she assisted her husband during the war as a travelling messenger and as an assistant to executing his orders.

Neither main character is happy about surviving the War Between the States. McCall convinces Sloan to help her return several Cheyenne Indian children to their parents somewhere on the Great Plains. This is during hostilities between whites and Indian tribes (the Indian Wars).

As you might surmise, this is not a great career choice; white folks will not take kindly to giving kindness to Indians and opposing Indian tribes wont be happy to see children returned to the Cheyennes.

There is one remarkable Cheyenne child Winter. He will return in TWO TEXAS HEARTS, as the main character.

Although the children are important, this is really a story about a man seeking redemption before death and a woman looking for an ethical way to die. It is obvious from the outset that this trip will be one-way!

Jodi Thomas weaves a masterful tale! 5 stars!

Winter McQuillen
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