Book Review of Up from Orchard Street

Up from Orchard Street
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This book follows a family from the early 30's living in an old tenement building on the lower east side in New York city. You see the characters and experiences from the view of the young daughter who is very bright and perceptive for her age. The family is Jewish (although not practicing), but since the Bubbe (grandmother) is from Europe, there's lots of yiddish, but most of it is translated in the text of the book and if not, you get the general gist.

The book was enjoyable and truly gave the feel of what it was like living there. The Bubbe is a cook, so the descriptions of the food almost make you feel like you can actually smell the brisket cooking! It's a quick read, a good story, but I wouldn't say it's the best book I've ever read.... certainly good in between reading while waiting for the next book to read!