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Book Review of Now You See Him (Bayou, Bk 4)

Now You See Him (Bayou, Bk 4)
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Now You See Him is a slow book at the beginning as it builds the environment of the characters. Stella Cameron does a nice job taking characters from her books and weaves them into the next book. While not needing to read the book previous to Now You See Him, reading Kiss Them Goodbye adds to the flavor so you can draw from the history of the characters. If picking this book up for the first time, it is a good read that draws you in as you begin to wonder who the myterious guy is who is trying to harm Ellie, who is the focus of the book. Many authors near the end of a book without tieing up loose ends, but Stella Cameron is careful to satisfy the reader in that regard.

The premise of the book is that Ellie witnessed a murder years prior, but doesn't remember a name or a face to connect the killer. When another murder occurs years later, the focus comes back to her as the murderer is out to get rid of any evidence of Ellie potentially remembering who he is. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well written book. Good cast of characters, just enough sex to keep one interested and a good story line.

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