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Book Review of The Darkest Passion (Lords of the Underworld, Bk 8)

The Darkest Passion (Lords of the Underworld, Bk 8)
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Helpful Score: 2

This was one of the best in the whole series for me. I was up past 3am last night finishing this book, I just could not stop reading. I've loved Aaron since way back when and was really excited to read his story. I loved Olivia, when she wasn't cracking me up (her visit with Gideon) I was feeling her sorrow (having fallen and lost everything she once held dear and at times thinking after all that Aaron would still reject her). The book was long and I was glad for it, I didn't want it to end. There was just enough strife balanced with hope.

That being said... I did NOT like the ending...how we were lead through so much strife, so many obstacles, so many impossible can't see your way out situations, just for Mrs. Gena to wrap it all up in 3 pages, tie it up with a neat pretty little bow and there you go. I was like "What! it was that easy?" The Angel Counsel would not relent when Lysander begged for Olivia to not have to kill Aaron in the first place and they were the ones who stripped her of her wings in the first place... and in 2 pages she just goes to them and begs and says I need him and they say ok.

I hated (still do) Legion. Someone compared her to Simi in the Dark Hunter books. I would totally disagree, that's an insult to Simi. Ok, so Showalter peaked my interest with the attraction between her and Galen... and I kind of like that he's on his way to Hell to find her, supposedly to kill her but we all know that he was so taken with her during their "time together" in the bathroom. So that might be interesting. But I hated her with Aaron, it was sick and disgusting the thought of him sleeping with her.

I hated that he's no longer paired with Wrath. I hated that he no longer has his tattoos and wings... I don't like that at all, to me he's not Aaron w/o those elements, ah gosh... those beautiful black wings are gone! sob...

Him having to leave Baden behind was heartbreaking. And it'll be forever before they find that damn box and are able to free him.

Gideon has also been one of my favorites ever since he was introduced, but I don't like it when the Hero is paired with someone he already knows, even if he's forgotten her. So I'm a little disappointed that Scarlet was once his wife. Also how long does it take to grow those hands back.

The Lord I most want to read about is Torin. Can't wait!!! I'm most worried about William... don't know where this thing w/ him and Gilly is going and I don't know if I want them to be together or not, it's a little creepy because she is so young and because of the abuse she suffered, but still he's connected to her and she him... then there's that prophecy... so I'm worried she might be his downfall. So anyway... even though I thought the ending was plucked outta nowhere I still loved this book. To me Aaron and Olivia had the best chemistry of them all.

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