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Book Review of Silent Spring

Silent Spring
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what an eye-opener. I'd think that if, in an effort to get rid of mosquitos, an area was sprayed, and then ALL the birds and fish and small animals in the area DIED of obvious chemical poisoning, and people got sick, and the MOSQUITOS WERE FINE⦠then you'd stop spraying and try something else, not spray again and again year after year with same results. that's the government for you.

yes, I know, they've banned DDT. but the same attitudes and lack of scientific method prevail overall. and specifically, they still use chemicals on our food (to the extent of genetically modified roundup ready crops)and there are still chemicals in the water that we don't even know the effects of⦠or, we KNOW that they're harmful, which is worse⦠organic, anyone?

chemical mutagens indeed. and when the book was written, in the 60s, predictions of a substantial increase in children born with developmental problems and defects, which has btw come true.

thank god she got the ball rolling. it's not rolling real fast, mind you, but at least it's rolling.

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