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Book Review of Big Time

Big Time
Big Time
Author: Marcel Montecino
Book Type: Hardcover
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Salvatore D'Amore has screwed up Big Time. A ladies' man, barroom piano player and a compuslive gambler, he's bet his bankrool and his life on an irresistible sure thing-and lost. Now he owes almost $200,000 to the Venezias, a vicious family of New Orleans gangsters who have already tried to kill him twice. Sal is in exile, in hiding, his life at rock bottom, when he meets a beautiful Italian heiress who turns his life upside down all over again.

Isabel Gemelli has got the kind of lush beauty that makes smart men do stupid things. But is her voice, as breathlessly seductive as Billie Holiday's that drives Sal to come out of hiding. When Isabel sings, Sal hears the music of the Big Time.