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Book Review of After Sundown (Vampire, Bk 2)

After Sundown (Vampire, Bk 2)
After Sundown (Vampire, Bk 2)
Author: Amanda Ashley
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Another excellent book in this trilogy. This book, although published 5 years after it's prequel âShades of Gray', takes up right where that one left off.

Edward Ramsey has been turned into a vampire, in an attempt to save his life. Turned into a creature that he was born and raised to hunt, to despise. How does a vampire hunter, dedicated to destroying what he has always thought of as evil beings, deal with the fact the he is now one of those creatures? That is one of the things that I love about this series of books. We see a completely different POV. We see the struggle of a newly made vampire, who despises what he has become, struggle to adapt to his new life. With the help of Grigori, the vampire who gave him the Dark Gift, Edward tries to accept his new life. It is not until he meets Kelly, another lost human soul, and begins to fall in love with her that he begins to accept what he has become and embrace his new life. Just as it seems that things will be good, Khira moves into town. Khira is the ancient, evil vampire who turned Grigori 200 years ago. She is the oldest vampire and as such terrorizes the other vampires who live in her newly claimed territory. When she comes after Grigori & Edward, they must once again join forces to try to stop her. With the help of an old friend of Edward's, Tom Duncan, another vampire hunter, the group battles Khira, in an attempt to not only save their lives, but the lives of the innocent victims that Khira enjoys preying on.

Excellent book and I am looking forward to starting the next on the trilogy.