Book Review of Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats

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Although I have not yet read every page (my hubby was our chef and carried this book around like a bible!); I completely respect the research and opinions presented here. I am unaware of some of Rachel's major complaints...and would like to offer an alternative opinion.
As a person who is, not only highly educated, but extremely involved in the health of my family, and NOT dependent on what doctors are spoon-fed by pharmacists...I found Sally Fallon's background information very insightful. It is true that the recipes require extra planning and preparation. It was so much nicer to have someone else who loved being in the kitchen to prepare these foods. But I am willing to make the effort, simply because it IS better. Better for me and better for my family. Just so you know, it does require some adjustment on the part of your tastebuds as well (many things carry a slight sourness that our over-sugared taste buds are simply not used to). But the recipes are a wonderful collection worth exploring!
So, if you are a spoiled American who has never experience real food from another part of the world and are completely dependent on convenience foods, fast foods, and junk foods...most definitely, this is not the book for you. But if you ARE interested in improving your health...beyond the ridiculous claims of eat more whole grains, etc...and want to know how to make those grains digestible in a way that does NOT overtax your pancreas to the point that you develop type 2 diabetes...then consider this a major step in the right direction. IMO no self-respecting, serious-about-health-food person would neglect to have this book!
One of our family favorites are the crispy nuts! It also has one of the best chicken broth methods/recipes EVER!