Book Review of The Circle

The Circle
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I was not impressed with The Circle by Dave Eggers, a dystopian novel warning of the slippery slope of voluntary corporate surveillance. Although the author didn't call the fictional company in the novel "Facegoogle", it's pretty obvious which companies readers are meant to associate with "The Circle". To be honest, I only read this as a book club pick and would not have chosen it on my own as the description did not interest me in the least. I went into it thinking I was not going to like it at all, but I was ultimately intrigued by the ideas and themes of the book. However, there were definitely some (big) issues with the plot, the tone of the writing was meh, and the character development was pretty awful. It had the potential to be so much better. It was actually an interesting premise but the execution here was so very flawed. If you would like a more detailed review of why I didn't like this book read this one by Goodreads user Brad. Seriously, it's like he was in my head.