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Book Review of Miracle on the 17th Green

Miracle on the 17th Green
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I'm glad I've read several other Patterson books before this one or I might have never discovered one of the best authors of all time. This book is a cutesy, feel good, "love story" which I normally don't mind but this one was rather annoying. I guess the fact that I don't care for golf didn't help but the main character is so whiny.

Travis hates his job, a job many people would kill for, so when he gets fired he takes $3,000 out of the bank for the entry fee into the senior golf tour and hopes he makes it so he can do what he really wants in life. I'm glad his life is so bad he has the $3,000 to "gamble on". Too bad all of us can't have a miracle of quitting our day jobs to play our favorite sport and get paid an asinine amount to do it. Call me crass, but this book is just too ridiculous to even enjoy. Stick with Patterson's mysteries and skip this silly effort of a book.