Book Review of Fatal Terrain

Fatal Terrain
Fatal Terrain
Author: Dale Brown
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Book Type: Audio Cassette
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OK, let's see about this one ................

In this audio, the US is about to retire the B52 and other Heavy Bombers from service as many have determined that they are no longer needed as nuclear deterrents. At the same time, China has decided that it finally wants Taiwan back! China develops a plan whereby the US is seen as helping Taiwan and sabotaging various Chinese efforts at reclaiming the island nation. As in past (and probably future) Brown books, you find McClannahan as well as General Brad Elliot along with their new "toys" from Skymasters Inc. attempting to turn the tide of the onslought. One surprising aspect of this hypothetical scenario is that China actually deploys and uses nukes to further their cause.

This is a fast paced audio with a lot of information coming at you.

One minor annoying feature, the narrator uses the same voice for different characters, thereby making it a little difficult to determine who is talking. No Biggy!

Good Listen! Lots of action for those interested.