Book Review of Highland Outlaw (Campbell, Bk 2)

Highland Outlaw (Campbell, Bk 2)
Highland Outlaw (Campbell, Bk 2)
Author: Monica McCarty
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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I'm not Scottish so the plight of the Scots shouldn't affect me but it does anyway. Being an American, I guess it's merely the injustice of the situation that causes my distress when reading these novels. It certainly doesn't keep me from reading them, it just tears me up while I do. Therefore, I'm always pulling for the displaced or outlawed Scot over the tyranical laird. The MacGregor's are no different. There were railroaded for something the didn't even do by their mortal enemy - the powerful, king-friendly Campbells. Living in the woods, their only recourse for survival is lawlessness and trickery. Though the most of the MacGregor's refrain from outright murder, they do defend themselves when needed. The plan to ingraciate Patrick MacGregor with Elizabeth Campbell was deceptive but brilliant nonetheless. The fact that it all went wrong and Patrick fell in love with his mark, was divine justice for the plot to humiliate Lizzie in the first place. Shame on him.

Another fabulous tale from Monica McCarty. She really gets inside their heads and tells it like it really was in the 1600's. Almost like you're their suffering right along with them. Regardless of how he's done it, you can't help admiring Patrick. He's the perfect hero, tough as nails on the outside and mush when it comes to his woman. Wonderfully romantic.