Book Review of The Winter Sea

The Winter Sea
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I found this book at the library because I've been searching for more of Suanna Kearsley books ever since I picked up "Named of the Dragon" at the Border's book store in Singapore in 2000. From the looks of it, she does not churn out a new book every yera - probably one reason they were so hard to find here in the US. But her stories reflect the more detailed and thoughtful writing style. Many liken her style to Mary Stewart, but I don't think thay are a gothic nor inmured in as many moldy castle.

As for this book. You won't regret spending the time if you like a little history with your fiction. There is no murder, mayhem, or stereotypical villian. You will find a great group of supporting characters who live in a idealistic Scottish village off the blustery coast of Scotland, that played an important part in one of England's never-ending but less well known royal succession plots. Even the modern heroine plays second fiddle to her book's narrator-ancestoress' life in 1708 inside the nearby Slains Castle.