Book Review of A Gown of Spanish Lace (Women of the West, Bk 11)

A Gown of Spanish Lace (Women of the West, Bk 11)
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I am grateful that God kept nudging me to give Janette Oke's books one more chance. I had read all but two of the Women of the West books about ten years ago, but when I re-read the first two books last year, I found myself disappointed: The books were not just simple and sweet, but simplistic and saccharine. This book, on the other hand, was grittier and more real; the characters actually struggle with God's plans for their lives, as do most of us here in the real world. I did have a question or two about Oke's definition of pemmican (I think she meant jerky) and her use of outlandish dialects for the outlaws and the Native Americans, but the book was still satisfying, at least spiritually.