Book Review of The Babysitter

The Babysitter
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Read this one as part of a TBR Potluck in my online book club, The Reading Cove. I had it in my TBR pile for years and years so was happy to finally get to it.

That's where the happiness ended. It started out promising with Congressman Gordon Anton and his wife Ellie hiring Theresa Santiago as a 'mother's helper' while the family vacations in Cape Cod.

Then it became somewhat suspenseful as you try to figure out what Theresa's up to. Is she a plant by Gordon's political rivals? Is she a calculating and sly blackmailer?

Well, the unfolding to the end was so contrived, manipulative, and anti-climatic that I can't give this book more than a C- and that's generous, LOL.

It feels like it was written for a bad Lifetime movie adaptation. I can't recommend it, and I'm not interested to read anymore from the author unless it's a group pick or very highly recommended.