Book Review of Fat Girl : A True Story

Fat Girl : A True Story
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Really wondering just why the author even wrote this book. It seems more like something you'd write TO yourself as a catharsis, not the general public. There was no redeeming value (which she does mention at the beginning, but still!) No "I now tolerate myself" No "Suicide isn't the answer" or any other type of thing someone can take away.

My library had this listed under Young Adult...I'll be stopping in to talk to the librarian I do not feel a young girl should read 16 we have enough doubts about our bodies as it is. Aside from the fact the first sentence is "I'm to fat to fu**."

Sooo do not recommend this book...stay away, read something else, you'll be glad you did!

Read this one instead : Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir :: Jennette Fulda
ISBN-13: 9781580052337 - ISBN-10: 1580052339