Book Review of Devil in Winter (Wallflowers, Bk 3)

Devil in Winter (Wallflowers, Bk 3)
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Helpful Score: 7

Devil in Winter is the third book in Lisa Kleypas' Wallflower series. This truly was an enjoyable tale, and I recommend reading them in order. Had I not, I would not have appreciated so many things that happened in the other books. I kept thinking in the back of my head how can Sebastian redeem himself. Evie visits Sebastian with a marriage solution that will benefit both of them. Evie, for protection and Sebastian, for money. What comes from that solution is a marriage that becomes real. Where they each quit being what others think them to be, and they turn into what they WANT to be. Sebastian is BAD, REAL BAD, and he doesn't care, but it's a front, and Evie knows it. Sebastian sees that there's more to Evie than her stammers and shyness, but she is a treasure- rich as a sweet and soothing lady. There was a bunch of symbolism (Jenner's Club) that occurs with this book, and the little actions that Evie and Sebastian take. You watch them fall in love, and enjoyable to see Sebastian be brought to his knees.
This is a memorable book, it's very emotional. If you haven't visited this series You many want to think about it!