Book Review of Tall, Dark, and Texan

Tall, Dark, and Texan
Tall, Dark, and Texan
Author: Jodi Thomas
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Of the first three books in this series (see below for listings), this is my favorite. Each of the McMurray men is strong and forceful; Teagen goes a step further with a thick layer of crustiness. Most men move out of his way rather than speak to this quiet man.

The story begins in 1856 and jobs for women are sparse and hard-to-find. After the death of her overbearing and drunk husband, Eli Barton, Jessica knows she must take her three children and run. Elis mother is wealthy and wants to give a home to the 3 girls without their mother.

Jessica has no family so leaving Chicago evolves to going to Whispering Mountain Ranch in Texas. Eli has been corresponding with Teagen McMurray for more than 10 years; Jessica thinks he will let her rest there for a couple of weeks as she decides what to do next.

An underwhelmed Teagen escorts the widow and her girls to his ranch. Jessica softens Teagens uneasiness by explaining that her relatives are coming from California for the 4 Bartons. As soon as Jessica arrives at the ranch, she feels that she has found home.

Then the girls get started winding Teagen around their little fingers. Their antics are beyond cute; five year-old Rose does a particularly good job of showing Teagen how dull his life had been before the 3 dynamos arrived.

I liked everything about this book; readers had already met some of the characters in previous books. Because of the pacing, we really get to see what influence the widow and her girls have on the gruff (and forbidding) Teagen. 5 stars

Whispering Mountain Series
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