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Book Review of The Last Princess

The Last Princess
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If you like Danielle Steele's writing, you should like this one, although I consider it a bit better written than Steele's books. At least, we are spared frequent mention of the heroine's "enormous violet eyes," and the like. (In one Steele book, I was startled to realize that a number of pages later, they had somehow changed to huge brown pansy eyes--contact lenses, perhaps?)
I'll admit that the story was engaging enough to entertain me throughout a long plane flight. The unloved daughter of rich parents breaks off her engagement to a rich young man they approve of for all the wrong reasons and marries another rich young man and is disowned. He, in turn, is cast off by his parents for marrying outside the Jewish faith. They live a happy life in poverty while he tries to become a writer and they love each other to the end, in spite of terrible problems that drive them apart at times. I did get slightly annoyed by his propensity for buying her whole sets of elegant clothing and expensive jewelry, but I suppose there are really people who do that.

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