Book Review of The Sanctuary Sparrow (Brother Cadfael, Bk 7)

The Sanctuary Sparrow (Brother Cadfael, Bk 7)
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This is probably one of the most exciting books in the Cadfael series. As with most of the books of this series, it is not necessary to have read the previous books to be able to follow the actions and interactions of the characters.
The book opens with the peace of the monastery being disturbed during the evening prayers by a young man running in, pursued by the townsfolk. The man claims sanctuary, the right to be kept in the monastery for 40 days, and not turned over to the law. During these 40 days, Brother Cadfael begins to believe that the young man is not guilty of the crimes of murder and theft of which he has been accused.
The tension in this book mount subtly but steadily, as the violence in the town continues, and the time of sanctuary steadily ticks away.
All in all, an excellent read, and highly recommended.