Book Review of Alphabet Kids - Yang's New Dance (Alphabet Kids)

Alphabet Kids - Yang's New Dance (Alphabet Kids)

Showing the plus sides to diversity in heritage the alphabet kids are always learning something new at there school. Today they learn from Yang grandfather about Tai Chi.

The kids are a curious bunch and see Yang dancing his dance at recess. Instead of making fun of his different dance they want to know more of why it is so fun to Yang, instead of playing with them. Yang grandfather teaches the children some Tai Chi moves and tells them how it can make you happy and healthy practicing these moves. No one is excluded. Everyone can do they even their teacher.

The art is cleanly drawn and captures the characters uniqueness even with out the words. I loved Yangs New Dance because it was different story then you would find in most picture books. I loved the pleasant feeling that the kids all liked each other and seem to accept there differences.