Book Review of First Strike (Dewey Andreas, Bk 6)

First Strike (Dewey Andreas, Bk 6)
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After reading Independence Day, in which Dewey Andreas performed the ultimate feat of his career in spite of himself, I was expecting a let-down in First Strike but was I surprised. One again Ben Cotes out-did himself! While this story contains several episodes that make me shiver every time I imagine myself in the same situation as Dewey suddenly found himself, there is one in particular that literally sends shivers through my whole body just thinking about. You'll have to read the book to see if you experience it the same way. Just a small hint: it involves crawling through narrow spaces in the pitch black. As with most Ben Cotes' novels, if explicit violence is a major turn-off for you, then this book is certainly not your forte. Indeed this one has more than it's share. But with that warning in mind, I highly recommend First Strike as at least a four-star read.