Book Review of The Making of the President 1960

The Making of the President 1960
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It's not often that a journalist (or writer) starts a completely new genre of writing. That's exactly what Theodore H. White did. A journalist at the time, who had written a couple of novels and three other books, he went on to write books on the elections of 1964, 1968, 1972 and culminating with America In Search of Itself. He was recognized as one of the leading political journalists of his time.
This particular special edition differs from the original edition. First, the slipcase and interesting dust jacket. There are numerous pictures and illustrations that help tell the story and an introduction by James Reston (another respected reporter),

White begins the long and arduous process that politicians and voters go through every four years - choosing a president. From the early announcements to the final returns the book takes the reader step by step with both candidates. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys politics or who has an interest in either John Kennedy or Richard Nixon. I also appreciate that the author does his best not to show favoritism toward either candidate. The book reads more like a novel or a mystery but is a first class piece of political journalism.