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Book Review of The Cardturner

The Cardturner
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The Card Turner--a novel about a King, a Queen, and a Joker. This book is about a teen-aged lad who is drafted by his blind, rich uncle to accompany him to bridge tournaments to turn the cards for the uncle. In the process, he learns the game and grows up considerably. Aside from the tale about the game of bridge, it is also the tale of a somewhat wacky and slightly dysfunctinal family, so I found laugh out loud situations.

I went looking for this book because of a review I had read praising it. I was very surprised to find it in the young adult section at the store. Don't let that put you off--rather let it increase your enjoyment, thinking that younger readers might actually be enjoying this book as well as we, the more "mature," readers.

If you play bridge, you should enjoy the book. If you don't you have opportunity to learn a bit about this game of skill that stimulates the brain whenever it is played. And if you just enjoy reading about amusing family situations, you should also find it a relaxing and fun read.

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