Book Review of Bunnicula : A Rabbit Tale of Mystery

Bunnicula : A Rabbit Tale of Mystery
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A book for children, the clever word "Bunnicula" caught my attention and that there was a cat and dog involved as well, had me quickly deciding to order and read the book. Why not? I'm retired. I have time.

The premise is that there is a vampire rabbit that mysteriously gets out of his cage every night and raids the refrigerator, draining the vegetables of their precious fluids and leaving them white as bone. Chester the cat feels he must save the household - Hey! What might the rabbit turn to next for draining?? - and with the clumsy assistance of the family dog, Harold, he makes his way in solving the crisis.

Were my children younger, I would definitely buy this first book in the Bunnicula series. It has humor and imagination spilling out of its pages in large portions. The illustrations are nicely done, too.