Book Review of The Big Over Easy (Nursery Crime, Bk 1)

The Big Over Easy (Nursery Crime, Bk 1)
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An incredibly enjoyable book, one I really couldn't put down! Humpty Dumpity, womanizer and humanitarian, has fallen off the wall and foul play is suspected. Detective Jack Spratt from the Nursey Crimes division along with his new sidekick Mary Mary try to solve a case that gets more complex to more they investigate, and they also have to deal with the possibility that the Nursery Crimes divison will be shut down. While the book uses characters from nursery rhymes and storybooks, the writing is incredibly clever and intelligent, and insanely funny. The book starts out strange and gets downright wacky at the end, but if you enjoy literate hilarity and mysteries full of twists, I can't recommend this book enough.