Book Review of Where There's Smoke

Where There's Smoke
Where There's Smoke
Author: Sandra Brown
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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book has different cover but same book...No one knows why Lara Mallory opens up her medical practice in the rowdy Texas town where Tackett Oil owns everything. But everyone remembers her role in the well publixized scandal that caused the downfall of White House hopeful Senator Clark Tackett. Now the oronfisted matriarch of Tackett Oil intends to use her money and power to drive Lara out of town..especially when Lara meets Key, the hell raising youngest Tackett son. Before long, this determined woman doctor and brash daring flyer find thmesleves hurtling on a soul searing quest for the one secret that can destroy the Tackett empire, as rumors start flying that Where there's smoke.