Book Review of The Last Enchantment (Arthurian Saga, Bk 3)

The Last Enchantment (Arthurian Saga, Bk 3)
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Mary Stewart does a magnificent job in rendering Merlin the Enchanter into a believable person who not only has faults like every other human, but also has the same needs. In this series, we come to know the legend who was not all smoke and mirrors as others would have you believe, but real man who loves his kinsman and his country and does what he thinks is best by them.

Because this is the third book in a four-book series, it is hard to follow at times. Stewart does a decent job in bringing the events that have happened in the previous installments to light this one and making them seem relevant. But some readers will be left in the dark, especially if they are not familiar with Arthurian legend.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. Stewart has a way with detail that doesn't make her writing feel bogged down, but makes it come to life.

This is a definite read if you are interested in Arthurian lore.