Book Review of Another Man's Son

Another Man's Son
Another Man's Son
Author: Katherine Stone
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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If Sam Collier's life has taught him anything, it's that promises can't be trusted. . .
Especially promises from the people who were supposed to love him. People like his father. . .

Ian Collier abandoned him when he was four, and Sam was a drifter for years afterward. He's finally begun to make peace with his past--and that's when he learns the shocking news. Ian Collier is dead.

He returns to Ian's house in Seattle and finds a woman named Kathleen Cahill living there, the woman Ian had planned to marry. Within weeks Sam has fallen in love with her. Deeply in love--for the first time in his life. And then Kathleen tells him she's pregnant. With his baby? Or Ian Collier's?

Now, thanks to Kathleen, he learns a secret about his father. A secret and a truth. And now--for the first time in his life--Sam Collier understands what fatherhood really means.