Book Review of Deeper Than the Dead (Oak Knoll, Bk 1)

Deeper Than the Dead (Oak Knoll, Bk 1)
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Overall, I thought this was a really great thriller that kept me turning the pages. The novel was set in 1985 before the days of DNA identification, wide-spread use of data analysis, and cell phones. The story is about a serial murderer who glues his victims eyes and mouth shut, deafens them, and then systematically tortures and kills them, leaving the bodies for discovery. The story starts out with one of these bodies being discovered by a group of children who turn out to be the focus of the novel along with their dysfunctional families. As I said, this was a real page-turner; however, I had a good idea who the killer was from the very first few pages. Also another killer was brought into the story and the novel did not really resolve why or who he had killed...this seemed like a major loose end. This is the first Hoag thriller I have read and I intend to read more based on this one with an overall strong recommendation.