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Book Review of School's Out-Forever (Maximum Ride, Bk 2)

School's Out-Forever (Maximum Ride, Bk 2)
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Second book in the Maximum Ride series. James Patterson wrote Maximum Ride as a science-fiction series for children and teens, but this 60-year-old finds it very enjoyable too.

In Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment we meet Max (a 14-year-old girl), her flock, the people who want to kill or capture them, and their enforcers known as Erasers. Yes, I said "flock"; Max and her five young associates have been genetically engineered to have functional wings and other bird-like traits. School's Out - Forever continues the flock's quest to find out who made them and who their parents are.

There are plot twists galore, as usual with Patterson's books, and trying to guess just where the author is taking the story is guaranteed to be an exercise in futility. As stepdad to two teenage girls, I found myself wishing I could adopt Max and the entire flock, although I will admit to hesitating when it came to Gasman. :) Young or old, if you enjoy James Patterson's work (or haven't yet sampled a Patterson book), give the Maximum Ride series a try.

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