Book Review of Deep Midnight (Vampires, Bk 3)

Deep Midnight  (Vampires, Bk 3)
Deep Midnight (Vampires, Bk 3)
Author: Shannon Drake
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 4

Scary, adventurous book with detailed setting in Venice. Jordan Riley, the story's heroine, is on a trip with her cousin and his wife in Venice. Through her cousin, Jordan gets invited to a prestigious ball, given by a countess who is also a vampire. While there, Jordan witnesses mass murder by vampiric beings. She is rescued out of there by a wolf who puts her on a gondolier. No one believes Jordan's witness of murder, including the police. A wolf shows up every night on her balcony. Her cousin's personality goes through changes. She meets Ragnor, a man who she doesn't know whether to trust or not. Meanwhile, people start disappearing in Venice and one headless murder victim is found in the canal. Jordan contacts a writer/cop about a book he wrote when he was investigating vampiric killings. She goes to meet him in New Orleans and when she arrives at this house who does she see but Ragnor. Much becomes clear to Jordan during her stay there but despite the evidence with her eyes, she still goes into periods of denial. Though Jordan is a likeable character, her bouts of denial and rationalizations gets annoying. It is only with the culmination of events that Jordan is able to finally face wholly the horrible truth. Good read; interesting characters; recommend!