Book Review of The Chocolate Cat Caper (Chocoholic, Bk 1) (Large Print)

The Chocolate Cat Caper (Chocoholic, Bk 1) (Large Print)
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Helpful Score: 2

Fairly light mystery, fun to read. The main character is studying to be a CPA, which gave me hope (as a CPA) to see some inside stuff in the book. False hope. She could just as easily be studying to be an optometrist or bull rider, for all the inside stuff that we see. She also has a distressing (to her) habit of saying the wrong word when she knows perfectly well what the right word is. Some of these are funny, but I had a hard time with it at first.

All in all, however, it's a good book and worth reading. I think I will order the second in the series.

By the way, the author's real name is Eve K. Sandstrom. She has written a number of books under that name, too.