Book Review of Lovers

Author: Judith Krantz
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Hardcover
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"LOVERS begins in the glowingly optimistic year of 1983 as Gigi Orsini, aching for adventure, begins her first day on the job as a copywriter at the advertising agency of Frost/Rourke/Bernheim in Los Angeles. During the following year she will encounter enough professional challenges and passionate entanglements to keep even Gigi - that high-spirited, ingenious, red-headed enchantress who grew to womanhood in SCRUPLES TWO - on a roller coaster ride that swoops from thrilling personal achievement to new levels of sexual tension and a web of unexpected romance.

LOVERS is a distillation of purest Krantz, richly detailed, intricate in plot, and bursting with captivating characters, many of them new to her readers, others favorites from SCRUPLES and SCRUPLES TWO. Together they form a group of a half-dozen couples engaged in an intoxicating, interwoven dance of love: love abruptly appearing with blazing potency, love incredulously lost, love stolen, love betrayed and love gloriously recaptured. Throughout this dance Gigi moves adroitly, threatened by jealousy and attempts to dominate her."